Flying Space Tomato's Realm






Mutation Doom
UAC has captured DNA sequences for every organism that came through the portal and
after 8 months of fighting UAC decided to crossbreed this DNA and produce an
indistructable army to defend us from any hell spawn that would dare attack. The experiments
have gone on for 4 years and they still havn't given what they promised to earths citizens but
they still have 1 year left to complete the project or trash it.

Right before your holiday...
All of the sudden all scaners read off the scale and huge amounts of radiation pour through the shields. with your last ounce of strength you push a button on the control pannel and your entire DNA sequence is placed in a stationary database. when you wake up you realize you have been cloned the real you is dead. You wander for hours endlessly around hoping to find some trace of what happend but every living thing is gone. You finnaly remember what happend and read through the last 3 weeks of scaner logs until 19 days ago a pulse was detected comeing from a small hole in the atmosphere of mars.
You walk to the ship you would of taken a vacation to earth on and set in a course for Mars. you ship is shot out of the sky by some form of ion beam. You figure you might as well search around and see if you can find it.

The Fight
The ship shot what ever it was and the pulse stoped and nothing organic was left then a glitch revels the log was altered you piece together what happend it was a teleport signal and something came abord and killed every thnig until you snuck up behind it and go a 12 guage shell right in it's spine it collapsses and without warning explodes killing you.

The levels take place in a range of places. You work for UAC on a space station touch down on Mars. Ilegaly re-enter the phobos base and even enter hell itself.

All the weapons are balences for single player and DM. One up close is almost garentied kill one is good for sniping but slower loading then the DBS (Double Barrel Shotgun).

All monster graphics exept the spiders where from doom. You will face opponents that are faster more powerfull and bigger than you. Will you die at the hands of a fire demon or be the first human to see THE OMEGA DEMON.